What is WeeVikings and why did we start it?  Why would anybody decide to bring high quality Nordic wear and gear for active kids to Vancouver BC and Canada?

WeeVikings is an online store which is all about children enjoying nature, with comfortable, durable, waterproof (and with that we mean really waterproof up to 30 000 mm water column) wear and gear. Rain jackets, rain sets, merino wool base layer, wool clothes, bamboo clothes, rain and winter boots and ergonomic backpacks. All products with sustainability in mind, keeping the children warm and safe (with reflective details) and durable clothes to pass on to siblings or sell as consignment in order for other children to keep enjoying the clothes and outer wear.

Canada, like our native Norway, is nature’s playground.  We love it here because we feel at home.  And like our home, Canada offers the same extreme elements of wind, rain, and snow that melds with abundance of trees, forests, lakes, seas and the beautiful, yet rugged, mountains.

Our philosophy has always been that we go out to play regardless of the weather.  Just put on some proper clothes and have fun!  And in Norway, it’s a part of our DNA; "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". For centuries, the Vikings traveled the world, battled the elements and even made it to Canada! 

WeeVikings was born after careful consideration and with support from our family, friends and neighbours. Together with our suppliers we bring unique, high quality Nordic wear and gear; fashionable and durable enough to be passed down to younger siblings and friends.

We are two families living in wonderful Vancouver in British Columbia with two kids each in the age group from 3 to 9 years old. We love to be outdoors and teach the kids about nature. If we can make the world be a bit more sustainable, a bit safer and at the same time contribute to happier and healthier families bonding with nature, that would mean everything to us! We hope you like it and enjoy the products as much as we do! 

Our kids

Our kids