Dear all

It is crazy times for everybody and especially hard on the kids not being able to meet and play and hug their best friends and extended family. is a small business that is strictly online. We still want to offer you the best of service and assure you that to order from us is still safe, with only two small families with minimal exposure to other people ,that run the company. All our stock was received before the outbreak, we pack and send/deliver orders taking recommended precautions.

We deliver for free the next day in Metro Vancouver (BC) personally, you choose whether you want porch delivery or delivery curbside. Even pick-up from our porches is possible. For deliveries outside Metro Vancouver, we will send your order with Canada Post the next day.

In this special period of time, we will also allow 40 days for your returns if items have not been worn and the box/packaging is intact.

How the WeeVikings families are coping these days is to be outdoors a lot - with distance - being in the forest, jumping in muddy puddles in the rain or bike in our alley and find open spaces with little or no people to enjoy the time together as a family. Enjoy our nature and all the beauty out there helps!

Lets get through this together!
Stay home as much as you can, 
choose nature and keep social distancing when you go out.
Stay safe and take care,