Kittens Merino Wool Suit


Adorable and super soft merino wool one piece.  Merino wool has finer fibers compared to regular wool fibers and are more bendy and flexible, hence when worn directly on the skin they don't itch as regular wool. Wool is a natural product and has the ability to regulate the body's temperature. Additionally it transports moisture and keeps the children warm and dry.

  • 100% merino wool and cotton ribbed cuffs
  • Attached hoody 
  • Zipper closure  
  • Machine washable on 30 ºC (wash cool) on "wool" or  "delicate" with liquid wool detergent
  • Wash wool separately
  • Do not spin and hang to dry
Kattnakken's wool product are produced in a safe and environmentally friendly factory. Their wool sources focus on animal welfare from mulesing free sheep farms.

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